Monday, August 5, 2013

Ombre Hair Color Ideas


Natural Ombre Hair Color
Ombre hair color is still very hot for this summer and for months to come!  For people not sure about it, I recommend going more natural, especially for old peeps like me!  Natural ombre coloring is less maintenance too, which appeals to everyone of all ages.  Ombre coloring is good for all skin tones, and is a great choice for "first time" hair color clients.  Some people color the entire bottom half of locks.  I like to take large sections to lighten and leave a little natural hair color mixed in.  The ends should compliment the roots, meaning, there should not be a big difference from each other.  This is why it is good for all skin tones. People that can't have all over blonde color because it washes them out, can now have their blonde, and look sexy, fun, and "kiss my ass" fabulous!


Reverse Ombre Hair Color
Reverse ombre color is a little more bold, but is a very popular look!  I would be careful on how light you go at the top and where the dark starts.  Dark hair clients would be better suited going just 2-3 shades lighter than their natural hair color at the top.  Going really blonde would be too harsh for their skin tones (although some want a very bold look because that is their personality, and that's ok).  Even though the maintenance level is a little higher with this look, it's a great, sexy, "yea I got this gurrrl " look!

Bold Ombre Hairstyles
Ok so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, that probably this look is desired more by young people.  I know my momma would have called the cops on me if I ever came home sportin this doo!  But hey, I think it's a cool look. If you want everyone to know you have family drama going on, than this is the look for you!  I'm teasing, I think it's great to be expressive and creative, ya know showing your individuality! It can be pulled off!  I tell my clients to please just keep their clothes on!! I usually only see this bold move when people want to be half naked. Trust me "YOU'RE GETTING ATTENTION WITH THIS LOOK"! Back in my day, I probably would have had some crazy hair...but not naked...EVER!!  Don't worry, older clients can be bold, it just has to be done right!