Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Ideas

How did I not think of this...I have somewhat of a mind...way cool! I need to score some bud tho...or what kinda bud is that? Is that rosemary? I'm beginning to like Christmas!

Well ain't that a hoot!  I could do this even....and the grinch is my fav!!

How awesome is that?  More weed, water and some cranberries...heck ya!!

Oh this is this! And this should mask the bud smell goin on in the next room! Great gift idea!!

This is a cool, easy idea for any occasion really!!  Just don't ask me how to do it...I didn't write the instructions down...Mine will be sayin "let him go" tho!  Heck ya...Plates with a twist! Instead of paint with a twist..  And there's no tellin what that plate will say when you're ploppin some mash taters on it! Come one come ye here ye...may you  paint a plate for all the assholes that are worthy!

Oh hell!  Really? I got those glass candles! Just didn't know I hadem!

Who doesn't like a pine cone painted!  I think I could paint a cone...if not going to Dairy Queen to get one!!

Burrr...I feel chilly!


Who's got tin?  Love this!  I want tin!  I mean if I had a tree!

We were just talkin bout these apotti bottles...I like these!  Where the hell do ya gettem?
I do hair, not potti bottles!

Great stocking stuffer idea for the kiddos!  Could prolly just use a sharpey too!

Red balls always make a good accent!

Bloomin, lighted ladders...who knew!

Ummmm....I'll take a 24 pak!  NOW!

Wow...gonna need way more bud!!

Candles and bud...with a splash of cranberry...who knew!? seriously, who has 52 wonderful things to say about your boyfriend or husband?  "I like the way you said "hi to that person at the drive thru"? I mean the idea is cool, but 52?? Stretchin it a bit!

Great centerpiece!  Centerpiece maker?? Call me!

Well I don't have a pooch but if I did, I'd have a poochy ornament for my tree, ya that I prolly won't have!

I want that door!!!

Don't want my bottom poppin up here fo sho...but this is cute...lil crafty craft thingy you and the kiddos can do together!

Joy....what freakin joy?  I bet you anything that dern house has freakin drama all up in there!!  But hey, I like that sign!  Mine will say "Back the fuck up santa wanna be!"