Monday, July 24, 2017

Dorm Room Ideas

Your lil baby goin off to college?

Here's a few cool looks for your lil love one that is going off to school, the one that you will bawl over for a day, and then realize its pretty dern nice having a lil space. Or, I guess if you have other children, a lil extra room. But, then you have that whole other scenario, the others that are still left behind fighting over the empty room that they now want! It's their turnnnnn, Lord, sometimes there ain't enough wine! I truly believe God creates lil monsters in junior high and high school so that it's easier to deal with the separation at this stage of the game! 

Hello!  A lil fancy smancy for that college monster, but hey whatever makes them happy! Why stop now!

Wait is that a deer? Like spray painted white deer? Next to a pom pom? And, is that a huge flask under the K?  Not sure bout this chick! She be wild and free alright as her pillow says...

I'm gonna need that feeling feelings sign for a few peeps...

And I'm gonna need that M..and that head board actually! Liking this college dorm shit!

A lil granite or marble, maybe?  Should make the lil rascal feel right at home!

So, hope your roommate is into the Cleopatra look, or maybe momma is paying extra for you to have your own room, southlaker prolly. I wish I could pull that curtain back a lil, not sure if that's an elephant or a machine gun on that wall.  Whatever makes you study I guess!  And is that no stain carpet?

I love lights! Prolly need a lil clap on clap off action tho..

Love frosty flakes!

Wonder how much weed you can fit in those suit cases?  Could be a great party game...js!

Wait, is that Felix the cat? 

Not sure bout that hippie sign on the frig!

Roll tide is simple and easy!  Not to mention winners!

Guess you know if someone took your pillow..