Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentines Gifts For Him

Well, I say flip for it! Whoever bought the stupid pillows loves more! Woo get a rose petal!!  I have to admit, I gave my boyfriend a candle and sign that said love you more! And if you tell anyone, I'll deny it!  You prolly think I'm a manhater by now, but I love men...they're so many things to say about them..

Okay, so I like this guy....and this game! Number please!?


Hopefully mine made the cut..."Open when ur bein an as__ole"!  They must be newly married.  Sorry, but I'm goin with PUKE on this don't do letters...but, hey I appreciate the chuckle and the optimism! 

Ya these could makem be nice for a week prolly!

Last everything?? Last waitress, dishwasher, cook?  Ass wipe?  Better be careful what you wish for!  Just joshin.. I love ass wipes!

I def could use these!

Ohhhh....I'm pretty sure you know what mine will say...."Your'e an as__ole"! I really am just kidding!!

I bet I could sneak "didn't" in there and noone would know!

I see red!!


hahahaa....I'm not gonna say it!  Yes I am...Hey...AS__ole!!

Ok...sooo, I forgot what was in here.....just some lovey, dovey stuff  I's a cute, manly jar!

I'm guessing for the alcoholic in your life?!

For the undecided...

Make him feel really special!

For the man that is a true hero!  They're out there...

They do like watches!

I guess this is for the young couple!


Now we're talkin!!

Like when they're snoring all nite...

Original I must say....cute!

52 reasons why I want to kick your ass right now?

Sooo....I want to see that toaster....kinda diggin it!

So I like this concept....that's all I will say about this..

Oh...I'm gonna be nice here again...this is a cute idea too!

Yes, thanks!

My personal favorite....on the back it says..just kidding!!!

I guess men like chocolate!!

Seriously? No!

Tic tac it!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for 2014 if you really are goin to marry "the love of your life", "your dream man", "your ooohy gooey goodness" that one you've waited all your life for, in other words, you're gonna marry your "one an only asshole", then, may I suggest a few wedding styles that would look awesome on you! Huh?? Ohhh I'm just kidding....just joshin ya!! Happily ever after for u and yours fo reelz! Now this one is kinda a big donut, lookin thing...but I like it, I also grew up in the princess laya era, so take it with a grain a salt.  These are great for bride wanna bees too!  

I love this for a more formal wedding....uniform updo with baby's breath accent and veil....beautiful!


Ombre hairstyles or highlighted hair are cool with these kind of hairstyles!


I love this curly hair!  I have always wanted to wear curls like this.  This is elegant or casual and timeless.....awesome!


I think being more like yourself in your pics and on your wedding day is better, but wearing your hair up like this works great!  It's not too foo fooey, where it doesn't look like your cool self, but different and may feel more special to ya.  You can dress it up or down.

I want this hair!


This is an easy style for anyone really, but a good one for finer hair.  It's hard to make fine hair look good up, and this works great for dressy or casual attire.

Whatever....they're prolly brother and sister on a modeling gig.  Ewe that's still gross! Just kiddin again...I'm sure they are totally in love and happy and mentally challenged! Anywhoooo, Hair accessories are nice for your wedding doos too! Again, great for more casual styles or dressy.  But be careful, I think you can put too much stuff in the doo too.

Yes, it's ok to have second thoughts like she's apparently having.  You should have 3rd, 8th, 100ths thoughts about getting married! Actually, now that I look at this pic again, not quite sure I'm diggin it.  Don't like the hair goin off to one side and then off to another, and she's got way too much bling goin on with the one strap dress....but hey, just because I'm not down with it, doesn't mean it's bad!  Just personal opinion ya know....and I happen to like mine..hahaha..jk.


Well you can pretty much wear your hair in a ponytail with those knockers! Seriously, who will be lookin at your hair ain't for sure, and I'm pretty sure women, grandma and children ain't either! me old fashion, but less is more I always say..But hey the hair is great!


Well someone's all about some diamonds....can't really tell bout that bump in the back, but nice, long hair wedding style but com'on....that's way too much frost gurlfren!!

Ya gurrl...I got your back....RUN!!  But, meanwhile your hair looks fabulous!  Also would be cool with ombre coloring.

Hmmmmm....wonder what that hooka is laughin at??  She's not wearing a wedding dress and she's sportin her right in to say fu people!  I think she said
'I don't" and ditched the go gurrl!!!  Great hair by the way...

This is a cool look.  I like it better than a veil really. You don't have to worry as much about your hairstyle cuz this is your statement pretty much!


Amish people can have ombre hair?? Who knew!!  You go gurrl...

Braids in your doo will add character to your style too!