Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Unique Wedding Ideas

Well valentines day is right around the corner and ya know what that means! Wedding proposals galore...woohoo! Live Laugh PUKE!  Just joshin of course! Wonder how many yays than nays?  I still believe in marriage...gettin pretty good at it too!  I love all the cool wedding ideas and hairdos. Love this idea...great decor for your home, more meaningful than a book, and timeless!

What happened to the forever part...hmmm.  I love "less is more"..it works! Awesome wedding hair and bow tie too!

Another cool, "less is more" idea and very DIY if on a budget!

Darling? Really??  Ok whatever..let's see how long he calls her darling or is that farting wife? He didn't cross the t!!

Ok, so I'm a lil biased with this pic....no farty bride here!  This is my daughter's wedding, and I love it cuz it's the "less is more" pic.  Black and white and in front of the barn door.  Cute!   Well, I guess she could be farty bride at this point but still cute!  Thank you Kristiane Webb Photography!

What happened to "just kidding" and "where'd the bride go?" signage?  "Farty's room?"  

I know what you're thinkin, is she ever gonna quit talkin about her daughter's wedding?  And, no! This was a cool idea, cool look for the venue we were at.  It's a big wire fence, lookin board that they clipped photos of them on. (When they were little tikes and present). Really? Who doesn't like lookin at pics of my kids?  And it was borrowed!!!  Ha!!

This is pretty cool...different, easy and inexpensive which is always good!  I wonder if they know all those peeps, or if they use those people that come in frames...I do!  Some of those people are hot!  I would definitely make copies of your pics tho...no bueno if farty bride can't hold her liquor..js.

Ok, so I think we are becoming a lil narcissistic in the world today, but if you have some cash to burn, here's a good idea!

Cute idea for a wedding shower, we wrote nasty notes on the "M" so they could remember, when they're old, how much we loved them!  Love the jars....they put their cute lil tike pics in there with important dates....someone's a fart smeller!  Hmmmm...it would appear that I am obsessed with farts, but no...they just keep comin up!  Isn't it ironic...

I don't do well with cropping, but I love this!  Simple and sweet, a bible verse that means something to them....awesome!  Cool idea for an engagement photo.  Thank you again, Kristiane Webb Photography!