Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fabulous hair color for fall

Dyeing for a change for the fall?
Beauty and booty?  Just ain't right!! Why did God give her all the junk in the trunk...and perfect lips...and....oh I need to quit bein a big baby! There are pros to no boobies and butts! Surely!  Let's talk hair for a minute shall we?  Kim's very dramatic looking...very striking...if you're a brunette and want to stay that way, but lookin for somethin different, try going a shade darker for the fall.  Stay warm tho colors aren't cool!  Don't want to be lookin dracula different!  Halloween? Sure, go for it!  Maybe you're one of those gothy peeps and like cool, dark colors.. in that case, get you some a that cool, dark hair gurrl....we will all feel sorry for you and hold our purses tight! Don't want to get rid of summer quite yet, leave your ends a few shades beautifully bold!  Yea gurrl, gitr done!

Hello Brunette!
Keep your brunette looking healthy and beautiful with warm tones such as Jessica's.  She's got warm golden tones and streaks mixed in throughout her chocolatey doo.  I must say her bangs are a nice look for her.  Gurrl's sayin HERE I AM!  As with Kim, she's keepin it bolder with the lighter color at the bottom...but not too light for fall.  Great look!


Chestnut bound!
Are you light brown or blonde? Are you unpoopular?  Do you pop out at parties? Haha...sorry, I reminded myself of Lucy!  Lucy I'm hooomme...Anywho, add a lil chestnut hues to your locks to brighten up your look!  You crazy blondes, go a shade darker with rich, warm tones to spice things up.  Trust me, ALWAYS need to find ways of spicin things up gurrl!  And, I don't mean go reach for the oregano (for some of you blondes).  And not cuz your blonde, just cuz you will be old someday like me, and find yourself all alone, writing blogs, while your man is in a bar somewhere spicin things up with you know who, and never havin sex again as long as you live!!  Huh?  I did not just say that! So what was I talkin about? Oh...and you light brown boring people...there's no hope for you!  JUST KIDDING YALL..hahahaha...I crack myself up! Unfortunately, cuz I ain't funny...thankfully easily amused tho!  No, if you're dark blonde or light brown, you can do the same thing as the blondies.  Go a lil darker with warm, chestnut colors.  I think actually light brown hair with lighter ends, is my favorite look.....of all time and all seasons!  Do it gurrl...what are ya waiting for!?  Get your multi tonal locks rockin!!!

On fiYA!
Good gravy, who doesn't love this chick!!  She is freakin hot! And, I'm sooo not into women but gurlfren has it goin on!  If only I could have that hair!!!  It's very natural looking too! You gurrls that have the "paler" skin tones and want a bolder look, go for a golden, more coppery, make your man sorry for bein a jerk red!  You will turn heads without havin boobies! Go for it...WTF!  Sorry, I'm not sure where I'm getting this I live with an asshole attitude from!!  Just sayin don't be skerd!
Strawberry Fields Forever!
Sweet Amy....what a sweet, beautiful gurrl, one that we would like to have beat people up for us! Gurrl has great hair and can woop some ass!  Well at least in the movies...let's see how well she does in the real world...js!  And, she got to mug down with Mark Wahlberg, lucky bi*%*! Lawd, is there anything better than that?  Well, not that I can think of....but you beauties that have similar skin tone as Amy, try something different!  If you have lighter locks, add some golden hues with a little copper. And, go a lil deeper with a more coppery, red if your a light strawberry blonde...turn it up gurrl  and you'll be woopin ass too!  Prolly won't be muggin down with Wahlberg but hey, you will with somebody!


Honey blonde Blake!
Don't want to fray too much from your beautiful blonde locks?  Ok...we can't all be bold!  Be skerd!!  Maybe just add some golden or honey blonde tones to your  hair, or darken your blonde an all over golden hue.  Be subtle, (really? that's how you spell that?) and Blakey! All good....   


Hot honey gurrl!
Nicole looks great with this darker, warm blonde.  Personally, I've always liked her a lil darker...never have liked her as a blonde.  This color actually looks good on her...the darker crown with the lighter ends works for her!  Her features are softened by this color, not harsh. If you want to darken your locks, try this look...keep your crown darker a couple shades and go lighter at the bottom (natural ombre color).  Wow, I was very nice here....oh I need more wine!

I'm sexy and I know it!
Tired of your brown hair but don't want to be blonde? Jazz it up gurrl....darken or lighten one shade with warm hues...with cute lil Michele here, yes, I would go one shade darker and add some red to jazz it up! will thank me later on jazzing things up!! Buy some porno hair if ya have to! At my age..I'll do it!  Yep, I think I need to change things up!!  Also time to realize I'm worth warm hues!  It's time for me to listen to my own advice....I'm gonna spice iT UP! Woo hoo!!!  Are we still talkin about hair?