Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hair color trends for fall 2014

Ombre is still hot going into the fall....Cousin It is rockin it here in this pic! Ru!! My bad...jk!  This gurrl has beautiful hair and looks great!

Love this color!  It's soft and not too harsh!  Great color for fall...and low maintenance which is what I like!

I just threw this in here cuz even tho I'm to freakin old for it, I like it!  The hippie chick look is in right now...and it's easy too! I need an older version of hippie doos! 

Ok can we say thank you Jesus for her gettin rid of Tom Cruise! Hopefully she got rid of that Scientology shit too!  Great haircut! If I swung that way, I'd do her!

I don't think curls are ever goin out of style! That beachy, bitchy, come get me now look ain't goin no where anytime soon!!  Love the dark hair and lighter ends....and low maintenance!!!

Ok so this chick scares me!  Always wanted awesome short hair! She looks wicked....I mean in a nice way!  Guys I'm sure are all over that!

Cheer up...don't be sad!  Love the rocker chick bangs! Great color for this layered haircut!


Beautiful, rich, chocolate brown makes her eyes pop! More sexy, beachy curls show off  her very suttle chestnut hilites!

Great shoulder length softly, layered bob. Popular cut for this fall and doesn't ever go out of style!

Who knew bobs could be so sexy!

A side swept, longer bang adds softness and youthfulness to most any face shape! 

I wonder if I could look like that with those layers??

Here are some longer, layer bobs that are turnin heads this season!

Can't go wrong with beautiful reds!  Like the suttle, lighter ends.  Would like to see a little more curl here...js.

Don't be afraid to go bold this fall!

She can do no wrong is all I can say!

Catch the wave!