Sunday, May 18, 2014

Short Hair Wedding Styles

Not quite sure why I insist on talkin about weddings, just love hair I guess...well and assholes, but here are some great styles for short hair. People with short hair need cool doos too! This is a great one...sophisticated, simple, and elegant!  Very versatile...bridezilla or maidzilla!

Fake smile...her face says "I'm just a model...have great hair, will pose for food!" Marriage..hell to the no!  What a great beach doo!  Church too!!

Purty sure she's ready for you to say I do and then beat your ass!

Simple and sweet...awesome!  Think she's squeezing his hand really hard sayin "I do" I do" NOOOW!!!? You betcha!

Ohhhh shit....what did I just do!?

I think this is the Rosemary's baby chick with cute hair!

Great hair, eyebrows and poker face!!

So she's definitely old enough to know better....she must be goin to a partayyy!

Heck ya! Rocker wedding chick fixin to be all up in your grill!! Scared to see that other eyeball!  Love!!


Rocker to virgin.....sweet!

Beautiful!!  If I could have that hair, it would be mine!!  She's either prayin or she has spilled wine on her dress!

She looks a lil snooty...js....jk....

All about pretty braids....simple but elegant!

One bad ass bitch!

I wanna know what's really in that book!

Oh sweet Paris.....this doo makes her look smart!

Not sure which one's prettier!