About Me

   It has occurred to me that I'm over 40....like 47ish..and find myself in a place I never thought I'd be.  With two failed marriages, and dating what I thought were my "dreamy must haves",  or otherwise known as "assholes", I'm under the impression that life after 40 ain't all that grand! This is my time to be settled, enjoying life, traveling, thinking about retirement..and of course be madly in love and having the perfect relationship...right? It seems the only thing I have time to think about or plan for, is work and hair removal! And the only thing "settled" in my life is all the freakin hair that has settled on my face!  I don't know why that when you turn 40, you get flabby, blind, deaf and hairy! Seriously, I need a flashlight now and readers to inspect my face and nose to see what long ass hair needs to be removed, which actually my whole face is one big hair! 
   I love hangin with my besties with breasties!  I am so thankful for them!! Whether single or married...when the gurrls get together, all's right with the world. For a moment of time, they're ain't no wipin asses or snotty noses, wondering if you're gonna kick the soccer mom's ass for not playin your kid enough, or your daughter cryin cuz Freddie Cruger didn't call, and tryin to figure out those damn math problems like George had 10 apples and Sally stole 6 and the dog ate 4 and the farmer delivered 1000 but forgot 200 and 300 were shiny and 500 were dull and Sally felt bad so she brought back 2...SERIOUSLY who the hell cares!! I hate apples! Sorry..anyhow.. my gurrl time is God's grace...ahhhh..
    So this life after 40 thing is a lil tougher than I thought and I'm a strong gurrl! I mean I have a beard to prove it...and a couple a chest hairs I think!  I read somewhere that God doesn't give you more than you can handle so I guess God thinks I'm a badass!
   I'm in a relationship right now, actually moved in a month ago, (yes, I know, I completely had a brainfart and should not have done that), and I've been in my mad room the whole time. It's pretty one sided...I love him and want to share "life" with him but he wants to share "life" with his friends. That's ok..no wrong or right here...it is what it is and "life" will work out and I will enjoy the ride. 
   All kiddin aside, I'm a hairstylist and will never be rich I'm sure monetarily, but I'm rich in the fact that I have great clients and great friends in my life, and that's worth way more than money!  I did manage to have two wonderful children who have grown up to be wonderful, productive citizens in spite of the parental skills they grew up under. I wish I could take credit here but it had nothin to do with me.  The Lord raised my kids..praise Jesus..hallelujah!  Although my son needs to call his mother more often...js....I'm a kidder...I like to joke around and have fun...I'm usually not ever serious.  I know that I am blessed and I'm so very thankful for the life God gave me!