Friday, August 9, 2013

Best Haircuts For Your Face Shape

Find Out Your Face Shape
Necessary tools for this task:  Vino, headband and tape measure (optional)..vino and headband is really all you need, AND TO BE AT LEAST 21 IF YOU GO WITH THE VINO TOOL!  Ok, so to find out what kinda mug you got, get yourself in front of a mirror with good lighting.  Make sure your hair is pulled back completely away from your face. You want to determine the width of your hairline and jawline.  Are they pretty much the same? Hairline wider? Jawline wider? Are your cheekbones wider than both? Is your chin pointy or square? And measure how long your face is.  Check out our cute little mug shapes below..

Hairstyles For Your Face Shape
Knowing your face shape is very important when it comes to choosing the haircut you want. You certainly don't want to choose a haircut that screams "My chin is so pointy, I'm usually asked to break the ice at parties"!!  Ok I'm kidding, that was a little harsh, but our haircuts help balance out our deficiencies. And I don't mean our deficiencies are bad.  It's just about smoothing them out and enhancing our facial beauty gurrl! It's all about contouring our lovely features.  I love my ass nose, but my haircut directs attention away from it so it's not so prominent!  My boyfriend says it's a heart nose...awww..ain't that sweet!  Have you noticed a short person with really long hair, looks really short? Like you could just squash her? Or, a woman who is large and has short hair?  Her head looks really small!  You ever see a balloon blown up to the max and someone let's go, oh never mind, that was rude..sorry! And personally, as a hairstylist, I don't care, if you're short and want long hair, cool! They're tons of short girls that have long hair, and they look fabulous! And they're a lot of heavy women that have short hair and are beautiful! I'm just talking about enhancement here gurrlsss..ok? Don't be hatin on me now!  Remember you can call me ass nose face!

Oval/Round/Oblong Face Shapes
Oval faces can do any haircut, and yes we all cuss the heffers, and the hearts and ovals always want to scrap, but we can come close to ovals!  Our goal is to create oval faces, but we just don't want the ovals to know it!  Our round lovelies have more width and smaller foreheads, so bangs are not a good idea, and you want to add height at the top.  Also, avoid volume at the cheekbones. Our oblong beauties need to create width and it is ok to have length.  Bangs are a good idea to help shorten the face along with some chin length layers.

Round Face Shape
Oval Face Shape
Oblong Face Shape

Square/Diamond Face Shape
Square shape faces
With our square shapes, foreheads and jawlines are the same width, and the jaw being the most prominent. Our diamonds have more narrow hairlines and jawlines, with the cheekbones being more prominent.  If you're wonderfully square, it's a good idea not to have bangs and better to avoid short hair.  Medium/long hair is better, and if want layers, make sure they come whispering around your jawline.  Our delectable diamonds would do well sportin some bangs and create softness at jawline with a few layers.  Avoid width at cheekbones.

Diamond Face Shape
Heart Face Shapes
I say what the hell is wrong with a heart face? Just look below!! I'll take it!!  I have a heart nose (aka ass nose) for pete sakes!  Heart is where it's at yo!!  We just need to all learn to get along I say!! Again apparently, anywho, our lovely hearties should sport longer lengths with more volume at the chin.  If you you're a little smaller at the hairline and wider at the jaw, go for more height and width above the ears.  (more of a reverse hearty). Your little hearty doo will be a rockin smarty face!!!