Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Super Bowl Party Ideas for 2016

Wellllll...apparently I didn't pay too much attention to the championship game.  I just realized from watching the news that the Panthers are in the big game.  Oooops!  Go Panthers!!!  Hahahahaha....oh well, these are good ideas for the big game...just change the colors!  #shouldabeenblonde

Almost time for the big game!! Gooooo Broncos!!  Although I wouldn't mind seeing Seattle win either.  Either way, great food, hanging out with your friends, gambling...wait maybe not gambling, who does that?!! Prolly my favorite thing about the Super Bowl is the commercials.  Here are some cool ideas for your super bowl party I found that are sure to please your guests!

HAPPY 50th!!

Who will it be??  A lil silver spray paint and voila!! Great centerpiece!

I can't make a cake ball to save my soul but for yall that do, how cute!!

Got wings?

Who doesn't love deviled eggs!! And so easy...

So, if you have a handy man lyin around, here's a cool idea for your party table! And then can I borrow your handy man? I'm my handy man and I ain't that handy! May wanna choose different colors...

Cupcakes are easy, fun and delish!

Can't go wrong with 7 layer dip!

Yummy guac!!


Not sure I can wait til the game!!

Can't wait to make this jalepeno popper dip!! I'm getting fat and haven't even had a bite yet!!

Cute and easy way of doing your 7 layer!

Who doesn't love these? Well except people who are maybe allergic..


Ohhh ya...sausage balls!




Photo booths totally score!!



And for you Green Bay fans who haven't gotten over your team not going to the super bowl, try a cupcake!