Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentines Gifts For Him

Well, I say flip for it! Whoever bought the stupid pillows loves more! Woo get a rose petal!!  I have to admit, I gave my boyfriend a candle and sign that said love you more! And if you tell anyone, I'll deny it!  You prolly think I'm a manhater by now, but I love men...they're so many things to say about them..

Okay, so I like this guy....and this game! Number please!?


Hopefully mine made the cut..."Open when ur bein an as__ole"!  They must be newly married.  Sorry, but I'm goin with PUKE on this don't do letters...but, hey I appreciate the chuckle and the optimism! 

Ya these could makem be nice for a week prolly!

Last everything?? Last waitress, dishwasher, cook?  Ass wipe?  Better be careful what you wish for!  Just joshin.. I love ass wipes!

I def could use these!

Ohhhh....I'm pretty sure you know what mine will say...."Your'e an as__ole"! I really am just kidding!!

I bet I could sneak "didn't" in there and noone would know!

I see red!!


hahahaa....I'm not gonna say it!  Yes I am...Hey...AS__ole!!

Ok...sooo, I forgot what was in here.....just some lovey, dovey stuff  I's a cute, manly jar!

I'm guessing for the alcoholic in your life?!

For the undecided...

Make him feel really special!

For the man that is a true hero!  They're out there...

They do like watches!

I guess this is for the young couple!


Now we're talkin!!

Like when they're snoring all nite...

Original I must say....cute!

52 reasons why I want to kick your ass right now?

Sooo....I want to see that toaster....kinda diggin it!

So I like this concept....that's all I will say about this..

Oh...I'm gonna be nice here again...this is a cute idea too!

Yes, thanks!

My personal favorite....on the back it says..just kidding!!!

I guess men like chocolate!!

Seriously? No!

Tic tac it!