Friday, October 11, 2013

Easy updo ideas for any occasion

Holidays are comin ya know! Seriously pisses me off....really? Already?? Well, I guess it's time to think about all those stupid parties we'll be attending, talkin bout ugly, christmas sweaters people are wearin, dancin to "Brick House" one more time, thinkin you're the best dancer ever!  Well...we can at least look good at the party...right? Here's a few ideas I found (cuz I'm too lazy to do some myself and post..maybe someday)....check them out..the gurrl's good!

Bun with a Braid

Easy updo but doesn't look easy!  Tip your head over and braid the bottom half and leave the front section out (fringe).  Merry the two together and secure the ends into a bun.  Can always secure sections into a ponytail, which I find easier, and then make your bun.

Bun with a braid mix!

Braid a few pieces in the ponytail and incorporate with bun.  Very easy but looks professional and different!  If only my buns could look so good!

Even short, fine hair can bun it!

This is simply a ponytail at the crown and then taking a couple sections and securing around the ponytail...easy breezy!  Ok, so can I quit talkin about hair now and get to the men in my life?? Actually, it would be "man" not men in my life or asshole works too.  Or maybe we should talk about your man!!

Pretty sure I don't have to say how to do this bun! 

But just in case, ponytail and a few pins.  And wow, just had someone tell me they were tired of this relationship.  I was just kidding about asshole! So, then there would be no man...or men.  Well I say, go with the easy bun!

Donut Bun

Well I call it a donut bun.  Maybe easier for some of you to work with.  Classic, timeless style that can be dressed up or down.  Won't feel guilty about this donut!

Ponytail Twist

I like to curl my hair and secure in ponytail, and then grab a section and twist makin a loop.  Continue until all your sections are done.  I like to have a glass of wine with each section cuz by the time I'm done, I look fabulous!!  It may be easier to pull ponytail half way through and secure pieces as she did below, but you won't have much wine this way.

A bun in three

I like this one cuz you're dealing with less hair at one time.  Divide three sections and secure in ponytails. (With all these styles, I like to have some curl in the hair.  Just makes ends easier to deal with....looks good if some are left out). Anywho....twist a couple sections of your pony or the whole thing and secure.  Do the same with the last two sections and you are ready for the alter.....nooo let's say party.  You can get three glasses of wine with this doo! All these styles would look cool with ombre coloring!