Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Best Hairstyles for Spring 2015

It's hard to think about anything at the moment with the world being in a deep freeze! Someone needs to shoot that rat that told us there would be six more weeks of winter! This gurrl is done!! Bring the heat!!

Hair usually perks me up and apparently we are to be thinkin Bohemian, longer, beachier waves and ombre which I'm happy about. I've been sportin the ombre doo myself cuz the maintenance is so nice.  Less trips to the salon which good for you, bad for me! Unless you have gray like me and still need to handle that every month!  You just can't go wrong with this's easy, sexy and not too harsh on the hair.  Do you still have your crimpin iron?  Yep...get your crimp on gurlfren!  The wet look is hot on the runways as well, but as far as I'm concerned, it can fall right the runway cuz it ain't pretty!


This is prolly my favorite ombre coloring as is the one above!  Not too crazy or harsh's soft, sexy and easy to maintain.  I like waves with accents it more I think. Kudos to this stylist...nice!

Suttle and sexy! Beautiful!

Love this edgy, rocker chick look!  Wonder if I'm too old to be a cool, rocker chick!! I prolly will think so in August when I turn 50, and menapausal, sweatin my ass off holdin one of those lil hand held fans an inch from my eyeballs, tellin everyone to F/O.  Yep, I will do this in August and get me some tats to go with my fan!

I had this look (same coloring) in 98! Who knew I was ahead of my time! Mine was a bit bolder! Gurrl needs to put a shirt on tho!

Yep...ponys are hot and hair apparel apparently!  Not a fan of most stuff in your hair..depends.  I'm always about less is more, but ain't all bout me for some reason!

Short, sassy, rocker chicky, sexy, what can I say...I skeered!

Nice, sleek blowouts hittin the stage too!

Wonder if that was her yearbook pic?

Nice! Great cut which is timeless!

Hey!  Over here!!  Think they just saw batman!  Wish I had some hands in my hair...js.

Was she on Rocky? So totally would lie and say love the wet look to her!

Gettin ready for the pool...hopefully.

Go wet or go home!

Cool, sleek pony..

Bohemian pony...I think of  Forest Gump for some reason...the crazy chick.  I know, I'm a lil throwed off.

Think she's fixin to strike a match and burn somethin..

Great style and color!

She's baaaack...


Love the makeup!  Heavy eye, nude lip or lite eye and bold lip.

Get your braid on!

And flowers apparently!  Knowin my luck a dern hornets nest would want to pollinate my doo!

Make it messy....I can do that!

Prolly good for people that are shorter than your average bear!

Pimpin the crimpin!

Gurrl's been blessed fo sho!  Great red!

Good nite John boy!! Not a fan of the Mary Ellen doo nor the next few! They're my "what the hell pics!" Pretty sure my clients would be asking me where the bathroom was, and I would never see them again if I suggested these doos!

Can't put my thoughts into words just yet...

Pretty sure she lives at the Bate's Hotel!

Who am I....

Got pins?

Think she lived in a well and liked climbin thru tvs!

I hope that is not their profile pic on Match!  That one gurrl's braid is makin her a lil too happy!

Ok, so this chick looks like the chick that got attacked in the movie "The Birds" back in the day! Well  her hair does anyway! Really?  I think I'm gonna take this pic into a salon and ask for this doo just to see the stylist's face!!